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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Chee Burnsides blocked


Thank you for all the viewers of this blog--more than 5500 in all.

We have stopped Chee Burnsides.

We showed he killed in violation of the Public Duty Doctrine

We Showed that Chee Burnsides does not know the law, or what is right.

The Clerk of Court easily beat Chee Burnsides--the one who he asked if he were doing it right in court as he sent me to jail outside Montana law when there was not a violation.

72 hours of lockdown for writing with chalk by Chee Burnsides....thats disturbing.


maybe Chee Burnsides should not have lied on a sworn statement to be a police officer in 2004.

As a Judge orders a Dog to die and does not give maximum sentence to Defendant, it was clear that Chee Burnsides had to go.  And only 300 people disagreed.  1/3 of the votes of his closest opponent.

Chee Burnsides appointment at Darby, MT expires this year.
Contact the Montana Supreme Court at: (406) 444-5490 [published number]
Montana Supreme Court
Justice Building
215 N. Sanders
P.O. Box 203001
Helena, Montana 59620-3001
Phone: 406-444-5490
Fax: 406-444-3274
Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Clerk of the Montana Supreme Court
Room 323, Justice Building
215 N. Sanders
P.O. Box 203003
Helena, Montana 59620-3003
Phone: 406-444-3858
Fax: 406-444-5705
Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Office of The Court Administrator
Room 328, Park Avenue Building
301 S. Park
P.O. Box 203005
Helena, Montana 59620-3005
Phone: 406-841-2950
Fax: 406-841-2955
Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Tell them no matter how corrupt they are, we dont want Chee Burnsides appointed anywhere!

Thank you for your support AGAINST Chee Burnsides.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Chee Burnsides public life Tumblin' Down

For some reason, Chee Bursides has been propped up and gone to the lowest job he could find.  First he was a Pharmacy Tech, then he was a paralegal in San Francisco, and then he got the bright idea to become a police officer; then appointed by corrupt Supreme Court Justices to join their court as a JP in Darby Montana.  Thankfully his appointment ends in 2014, and he is too newsworthy for his bad decisions to be re-appointed.

Chee Burnsides in a blank stare swearing to do what he doesnt.
like kill people on duty without cause.
like sentence people to jail without law.
like order dogs to die without giving maximum sentance to Defendant.
like claiming he is a lawyer twice to a findlaw.com

As this blog network has shown in "Chee Burnsides Perjury" Mr. Chee Burnsides decided to give false statement in a sworn affidavit in October 2004 in Williams AZ.  For some reason the accidents, financial lapses,  and driving history which would have excluded him from being a police officer only allowed him to go on and kill a member of the public named Jensen he was sworn to protect in 2006.
Read more: http://cheeburnsides.blogspot.kr/2012/04/chee-burnsides-perjury.html

Two independent co-workers have chimed in about Chee Burnsides since this blog has been started.  One said he would not trust Chee Burnsides to the life or care of an animal or human being.  The other said that he was suspended due to Chee Burnsides giving false information to his supervisor in Williams, AZ which allowed Jensen to be alone with Burnsides the night Jensen died in Burnsides custody at the City of Williams Police Department (2006).

As an appointed Judge, Chee Burnsides did not know the law, or proceedure in a Montana courtroom.  He asked the clerk to verify his actions as a Judge.  Judge Chee Burnsides acted outside of the law to find me in contempt for speaking to a Deputy (outside the courtroom) after a proceeding about a chalk festival, sponsored by Ravalli County, and I was in a courtroom for chalking "Google find my threat" on public sidewalks.  Chee Burnsides, as a person to took a life was afraid of answering to the Ravalli County Sheriff if he dismissed a case that violated my right to free speech.

Chee Burnsides did not have a clue that he acted outside the law, or smiled because he knew.  Contempt in a Justice Court in Montnaa is only when a person disturbs the court proceedings, but Chee Burnsides was "disturbed" long before I went before him.

Goons like Chee Burnsides are the reason that I proposed a NO RETARD ACT to my US Congressmen.  How many times do we need to see supposed men like Chee Burnsides abuse his power, and abuse the right to life or a human or animal in his care?
Read more: http://wethepeoplemt.blogspot.kr/2012/10/the-no-retard-act-2013.html

The no retard act would eliminate police officers like Chee Burnsides from being hired.  If the City or Jurisdiction is too stupid to see that a recruit lied in a false statement (a felony) then the IQ test would preclude, or disallow retards like Chee Burnsides from gaining public trust appointments.  Chee Burnsides as a Judge in Darby, Ravalli County Montana ordered a dog to die after being purposely let out of a pen, not by the owner and Chee Burnsides decided that he had the right over a dog's life (or Human).  Chee Burnsides was so psyched on killing something, he neglected to find out he had no power to take a dogs life in Ravalli Co. Montana.

Dogs rights in Ravalli Co. Montana neglected by Chee Burnsides:

Chee Burnsides political life is tumbling down.  People are coming out of the woodwork within 15 months of this blog being started (and another).  There has been over [now 5,100] views of the truth about Chee Burnsides.  He cannot run for office, he cannot run from is disgusting public "service".  Chee Burnsides worked for the Ravalli County Sheriff office, a place where felony spousal assault results in a demotion and re-hire (Search UnderSheriff McConnell), and tampering with evidence (RCSO Chris Albright, Deputy Hudson on 10/10/2006) dont land these "public servants" in prison, it just gets covered up in police departments, and Sheriff offices in the United States; or they just get shifted to other jurisdictions as Chee Burnsides did with worse records, and even worse internal affairs.

Since the system could not stop Chee Burnsides, this blog will.  There is nothing more than a coward who cannot look you in the face and sentence you to jail for not committing a crime, without representation, and in violation of an oath to protect the State and US constitution.

The is no worse scum.  Chee Burnsides lives and works with the best scum there is.

Chee Burnsides is no Justice of the Peace, and has no justice.  Chee Burnsides only knows abuse, and obeying the scum that protected him in Williams AZ.  Now it is his turn as a judge.

Not if the public has anything to say about it.  In Coconino Co Arizona, Williams AZ, or Ravalli Co Montana.

The show's over Chee Burnsides, your past, and your past co-workers have caught up with you.
This ones for Jensen, three .45 Cal. wasnt it that you put in his body?
How many tasers are needed for a handcuffed man?

Fear for your political future Mr. Burnsides, because it just came tumbling down.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Burnsides not aware of third branch

Corruption in the US courts is alarming in 2012.  An abusive judge who either follows orders, or has no idea of the responsibility of their oath are dangerous to our liberty in the United States.

Chee Burnsides, appointed a judge in a county that lawfully does not exist falls into both categories in Ravalli County Montana.  First, the county seat, Hamilton does not lawfully exist for a simple reason: by their own volition they did not exist in 1893 when the county was formed by the Montana Legislature.  Hamilton claims without paperwork they incorporated in 1894.

You cant have a county without a viable county seat: Montana Code Ann.MCA 7-2-2103.

Chee Burnsides took a mans life in Williams AZ in 2006.  After that time Judge Burnsides went directly to the Ravalli County Sheriff Department.  If you look on this blog, Chee Burnsides also made false sworn statement to become a Williams City Police officer in Arizona in 2004.
[These years may be wrong---I dont obsess about Chee Burnsides]

When presiding over a case of writing on the sidewalk with chalk, Judge Burnsides said in open court that he would have to answer to the Sheriff of Ravalli County and also a County Judge named Robin Clute (see www.RobinClute.com for more details)

Why would a judge have to answer to a sheriff?  Chee Burnsides has no clue about the independent nature of a judge, and was fearful of public officials in Ravalli County---probably because he is a puppet.

The public is reminded of a past co-worker of Chee Burnsides who told us in open comment that they would not trust Chee Burnsides to a human or an animal.

Chee Burnsides keeps being propped up as a legitimate public official, judge or law enforcement officer.  When false statements about accident history, and financial obligation are made, this amounts to perjury, a felony offense in any state.

Lots of information is coming out on Chee Burnsides.  It is troubling that there is not a grasp of the law, in any regard.  Chee went to night law school for 22 credits over 2 years and still does not have a fundamental grasp of right and wrong.  Free speech is allowing many people in the public (2700+) view these blogs on Chee Burnsides. 

When the dark protected Chee Burnsides, and corruption, the safety rope is running out for this fifty something official.  This means the public is understanding of the false representation, the abuse, and the unethical activity on our tax paying dollars.

To view the corruption in Ravalli Co. Montana where Judge Chee Bunsides works, and has worked, please view:

Please communicate the public information about Chee Burnsides.  He needs to not be paid by the public any longer.  My coined statement on Chee Burnsides: the truth is harsh on people who abuse their constituents and yes, dogs too.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Viewers getting their CHEE on.

Viewers of this blog are coming to understand that Chee Burnsides is propped up as a failed Law Enforcement, and one that made false sworn statement to Williams AZ in 2004 to become a police officer.  [see Chee Burnsides perjury] As accidents caused by Chee Burnsides, speeding, and failed financial responsibility would all become a pattern that should have disqualified Mr. Burnsides from being a cop.

Chee Burnsides Perjury:

No matter, Chee Burnsides feels he has a training in the law.  He sure does.  Viewers here are learning that Chee Burnsides has no bachelors degree, is originally from Oroville California, and was formerly called Chris Brewer.  Chee Burnsides killed a man named Jensen in 2006 in his custody.  The Coconino Co. Sheriff Department gave Chee Burnsides a letter of support to work for Sheriff Chris Hoffman in Ravalli Co. Montana who hire wife beaters, thieves, and criminally tamper with evidence.  Chee applied for a job with the Coconino Co. Sheriff prior to employment at City of Williams AZ.  They were impartial for the murder investigation of Jensen, weren't they?

Chee Burnsides asks clerks what to do, and if the bail amount (required in the 8th Amendment) is OK.  Chee Burnsides does not respect law, but allows law enforcement chums like Deputy Sheriff to violate rules of the court.  We find editorials from Chee Burnsides talking about patriotic duty of people, although the patriotic duty of Chee Burnsides is to admit his fraud claiming he is a lawyer.

Chee Burnsides is no lawyer.

Chee Burnsides has an associates degree.

Chee Burnsides completed 22hrs at a night law school--it took him 2 years to accomplish less credits than I took in one semester at at top 10 engineering school. Here is his fraud about being a lawyer:

Hon. Chee Burnsides - a Darby, Montana (MT) Lawyer


Chee Burnsides. Hon. Chee Burnsides ... Current Employment Position(s): Judge. Profile Last Updated: 9/20/2011. When viewing a listing, consider the state ...

The Problem is Judge Chee Burnsides:

Darby Montana dot com

Chee Burnsides was appointed his judge position, and now prominent citizens in Darby, MT where he is presiding are telling the world for what he is---an ass (a quote from them).

Chee Burnsides will not be elected a Judge in Ravalli County after the abuses and rulings that have no connection to the law which should constrain Chee Burnsides, if he knew the law.

Chee Burnsides doesn't.

Any judge that cannot follow the law, cannot be a judge.

Information provided in this blog came from Chee Burnsides applications, to states other than Montana.  Chee Burnsides forgets that public service means open access.

However, Chee Burnsides is in a great location for abuse by government, and covering up public information.  If Chee plays his cards right, the corrupt newspapers will continue his praise, and the uninformed electorate might just believe his editorial dysentery. UPDATE: corrupt newspaper upholds Chee Burnsides---you know you suck as a judge as a newspaper has to defend you!

Personally, violation of due process, freedom of speech, and cruel punishment is enough for me from Chee Burnsides.   Send this impostor packing.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chee has no Bachelors Degree

Chee Burnsides has no Degree

Chee Burnsides, a former Ravalli Co. Deputy who in 2006 killed a man in his custody in Williams AZ is claiming to Findlaw that he has a JD (a lawyer). Chee Burnsides does not have a Bachelors Degree, but has 22 credit hours at a night law school named Northern California Law Chico.
Chee Burnsides is a rogue judge with a background problem:

Hon. Chee Burnsides - a Darby, Montana (MT) Lawyer

Chee Burnsides. Hon. Chee Burnsides ... Current Employment Position(s): Judge. Profile Last Updated: 9/20/2011. When viewing a listing, consider the state ...

The Problem is Judge Chee Burnsides:
[so why did he register as a lawyer twice?]


Worse off for Chee Burnsides is that he was raised in Oroville CALIFORNIA.
He was known as Chris Brower prior to Chee Burnsides:

Darbarians (residents of Darby MT) hate Californians. Chee Burnsides is tried and true.

All of his life, he has felt he deserved more money, and more status. Now that he is a judge, he cannot follow the law, or follow the principles of due process. As Chee Burnsides worked for the Ravalli County Sheriff Department (he was "worried" about me sitting at the end of my road waiting for my mother to come in from out of state). I am completely worried that Chee Burnsides will violate someone else's rights and abuse his power. He already did.

The first amendment freedom of speech has nothing on this Judge (and non-lawyer).

The Fourteenth Amendment to equal protection has nothing on this Judge.

The Fifth Amendment (right to life) has nothing on Chee Burnsides.

Thats just getting warmed up on Judge Burnsides. Perhaps his legal advice sweeping us into so much knowledge and trustworthy vision. Too bad the basic precepts of rights, law, and common sense are out of touch for Chee Burnsides.

I'm just glad he doesnt have a Taser weapon when he is behind the bench.
Chee Burnsides is one dangerous man.

Ask Decedent (that means he's dead) Jensen of Arizona. Ask me why he put me in jail outside the law, and did not uphold my right to speech in Ravalli County.

It is because we have no rights. Care of Chee Burnsides.

This Blog network obtained information on Chee Burnsides from Arizona and New Mexico. It is the source of the information that Chee Burnsides Darby MT judge has no Bachelors Degree, No Law school degree or JD, and swore perjury to become a police officer.

The recertification program was not completed in New Mexico--which tells us of the standard of care at the Ravalli County Sheriff. The hiring standards include:
  • Felony Wife abuse (Deputy McConnell as former UnderSheriff)
  • Felony Tampering with evidence (Deputy Albright/Hudson)
  • Killing suspect in Custody (Deputy Burnsides)
  • unlawful ex-parte communcations with Judges (Undersheriff Holten)
  • Intimidate Employers of the public, false felony arrest (Deputy Brad Weston)
  • failure to protect taxpayers, make victims into perps 
  • allow 4 suicides in Ravalli County Detention Center in 2005
  • Grand Theft Ammo (department wide).
Promote Ravalli Co. Undersheriff Perry Johnson to MT POST Administrator to cover it all up. [August 2013]

Judge Chee Burnsides was appointed as a Justice of the Peace for the City of Darby MT. Do not expect Juris prudence to be smooth in front of Chee Burnsides.

Dont expect your rights. Be thankful he does not have a service weapon or taser.
[unless he's packing under his robe].

Monday, April 23, 2012

More Vocational stretches for Burnsides

Judge Burnsides took information from a former fellow officer ex parte (not allowed) to recall me and put me in jail for three days.

The new stretch is the lawyer status, although Chee Burnsides does not have a Bachelors Degree, or a JD. He has paid for a "Findlaw" account since 2009 even though his appointment for Darby City Judge was not until June 2010 on a 4 year term. Chee very much wants to be a lawyer, a cop, or someone important. Right now Chee Burnsides is a rogue judge with a background problem:

Hon. Chee Burnsides - a Darby, Montana (MT) Lawyer

Chee Burnsides. Hon. Chee Burnsides ... Current Employment Position(s): Judge. Profile Last Updated: 9/20/2011. When viewing a listing, consider the state ...

The Problem is Judge Chee Burnsides: YOU ARE NOT A LAWYER, AND A TERRIBLE JUDGE!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chee Burnsides perjury

As Chee Burnsides was becoming a police officer in Williams, AZ, he had to make a sworn statement.  In that sworn statement it asked about his driving history.  Cadet Chee Burnsides, now Judge Burnsides swore that he did not have a history of violations that would affect his employment as a police officer.

The Sworn Statement was given on October 6, 2004.

"Any history or disregard for traffic laws"---would have disqualified Chee Burnsides.

"Any negligent financial responsibility"-- would have impeached his sworn statement.


  1. Colorado Springs, Police Department in Colorado June 1999:
     2.  Indian School Rd. Phoenix Police Department: August 2000
        3.  Arizona Department of Safety (highway patrol) I-40 Williams, AZ: September 2002
No Proof of Insurance, No Registration. Most likely speeding due to I-40 pullover by DPS.

Now if Chee Burnsides had just not given false information, Mr Jensen would still be alive.  How hard is it to check his Arizona POST application to his sworn statement for Williams Police Dept?  As the 9th Circuit oral argument defines Chee Burnsides actions as objectionably unreasonable, it all could have been prevented.

Here is a copy of the sworn statement (No. 8 out of 10 is the traffic law area, pg. 2 with seal). Click on picture to get full view.

Here is my favorite quote from Chee Burnsides: "I am a caring and compassionate person who has a great respect for the law and law enforcement.  I have spent two years of matriculation at a law school and therefore possess and excellent workable knowledge of the law and community policing." [Law school is three (3) years champ]

False Statements come easy for Judge Burnsides.  They are easy due to the justice system in the United States wanting incompetents like him.  Burnsides limited capacity and psychosis actually believe he knows what he is doing, and is protecting the public.

Chee Burnsides has no Bachelors Degree (and claims he is a Lawyer)

If Chee had an excellent workable knowledge of the law, he would not have taken a life in his custody, nor sentenced a disabled person arrested, and to jail outside the law via ex parte communications.
 [Chee Burnsides has an excellent workable knowledge of the law but disregards DUE PROCESS]
Lets just seal up the records, to protect Chee Burnsides.

Well, happy to announce, we have reached more than 7,000 viewers about Burnsides.
[Christmas in Montana---2014]

Here is a video of Community Policing in Hamilton, MT the area that Chee Burnsides now resides.

Here is a video of the Hamilton, MT police chief with unlawful entry into a residence.

Probation officer without reasonable suspicion enter residence.

Here is the Hamilton City Council ignoring police misconduct from above.
The Williams, AZ City Council is probably no different.

The Police Chief misconduct in the video:
Chief was trained by the Ravalli Co. Sheriff--who Chee Burnsides worked for after working in Williams, AZ in '06
The Moral of this story: as incompetent personnel attempt to be law enforcement, and in Chee Burnsides case in Williams AZ lie and perjure themselves to get hired, they get accepted in the last ranked state for Justice, Montana.

We the People of Montana Blog:

Chee Burnsides is a judge in Darby Montana, (appointed).
I wonder if the Darby City Mayor knows of this information?

America suffers from abusive law enforcement, and does not kick them out if they lie on their applications.  Judges seem to support law enforcement no matter the problem.
[this was written years before Ferguson, or Choke hold Death in NYC]

Chee Burnsides is a very large problem.  Ordered jail time outside the law, without representation to a disabled person.  Chee Burnsides certainly has a respect for the law.  When the law protects him (Jensen's 2006 murder) he knows how to protect law enforcement.