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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Burnsides not aware of third branch

Corruption in the US courts is alarming in 2012.  An abusive judge who either follows orders, or has no idea of the responsibility of their oath are dangerous to our liberty in the United States.

Chee Burnsides, appointed a judge in a county that lawfully does not exist falls into both categories in Ravalli County Montana.  First, the county seat, Hamilton does not lawfully exist for a simple reason: by their own volition they did not exist in 1893 when the county was formed by the Montana Legislature.  Hamilton claims without paperwork they incorporated in 1894.

You cant have a county without a viable county seat: Montana Code Ann.MCA 7-2-2103.

Chee Burnsides took a mans life in Williams AZ in 2006.  After that time Judge Burnsides went directly to the Ravalli County Sheriff Department.  If you look on this blog, Chee Burnsides also made false sworn statement to become a Williams City Police officer in Arizona in 2004.
[These years may be wrong---I dont obsess about Chee Burnsides]

When presiding over a case of writing on the sidewalk with chalk, Judge Burnsides said in open court that he would have to answer to the Sheriff of Ravalli County and also a County Judge named Robin Clute (see www.RobinClute.com for more details)

Why would a judge have to answer to a sheriff?  Chee Burnsides has no clue about the independent nature of a judge, and was fearful of public officials in Ravalli County---probably because he is a puppet.

The public is reminded of a past co-worker of Chee Burnsides who told us in open comment that they would not trust Chee Burnsides to a human or an animal.

Chee Burnsides keeps being propped up as a legitimate public official, judge or law enforcement officer.  When false statements about accident history, and financial obligation are made, this amounts to perjury, a felony offense in any state.

Lots of information is coming out on Chee Burnsides.  It is troubling that there is not a grasp of the law, in any regard.  Chee went to night law school for 22 credits over 2 years and still does not have a fundamental grasp of right and wrong.  Free speech is allowing many people in the public (2700+) view these blogs on Chee Burnsides. 

When the dark protected Chee Burnsides, and corruption, the safety rope is running out for this fifty something official.  This means the public is understanding of the false representation, the abuse, and the unethical activity on our tax paying dollars.

To view the corruption in Ravalli Co. Montana where Judge Chee Bunsides works, and has worked, please view:

Please communicate the public information about Chee Burnsides.  He needs to not be paid by the public any longer.  My coined statement on Chee Burnsides: the truth is harsh on people who abuse their constituents and yes, dogs too.

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  1. there are more than 3500 views of the two blogs on Chee Burnsides as of June 2013.