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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Viewers getting their CHEE on.

Viewers of this blog are coming to understand that Chee Burnsides is propped up as a failed Law Enforcement, and one that made false sworn statement to Williams AZ in 2004 to become a police officer.  [see Chee Burnsides perjury] As accidents caused by Chee Burnsides, speeding, and failed financial responsibility would all become a pattern that should have disqualified Mr. Burnsides from being a cop.

Chee Burnsides Perjury:

No matter, Chee Burnsides feels he has a training in the law.  He sure does.  Viewers here are learning that Chee Burnsides has no bachelors degree, is originally from Oroville California, and was formerly called Chris Brewer.  Chee Burnsides killed a man named Jensen in 2006 in his custody.  The Coconino Co. Sheriff Department gave Chee Burnsides a letter of support to work for Sheriff Chris Hoffman in Ravalli Co. Montana who hire wife beaters, thieves, and criminally tamper with evidence.  Chee applied for a job with the Coconino Co. Sheriff prior to employment at City of Williams AZ.  They were impartial for the murder investigation of Jensen, weren't they?

Chee Burnsides asks clerks what to do, and if the bail amount (required in the 8th Amendment) is OK.  Chee Burnsides does not respect law, but allows law enforcement chums like Deputy Sheriff to violate rules of the court.  We find editorials from Chee Burnsides talking about patriotic duty of people, although the patriotic duty of Chee Burnsides is to admit his fraud claiming he is a lawyer.

Chee Burnsides is no lawyer.

Chee Burnsides has an associates degree.

Chee Burnsides completed 22hrs at a night law school--it took him 2 years to accomplish less credits than I took in one semester at at top 10 engineering school. Here is his fraud about being a lawyer:

Hon. Chee Burnsides - a Darby, Montana (MT) Lawyer


Chee Burnsides. Hon. Chee Burnsides ... Current Employment Position(s): Judge. Profile Last Updated: 9/20/2011. When viewing a listing, consider the state ...

The Problem is Judge Chee Burnsides:

Darby Montana dot com

Chee Burnsides was appointed his judge position, and now prominent citizens in Darby, MT where he is presiding are telling the world for what he is---an ass (a quote from them).

Chee Burnsides will not be elected a Judge in Ravalli County after the abuses and rulings that have no connection to the law which should constrain Chee Burnsides, if he knew the law.

Chee Burnsides doesn't.

Any judge that cannot follow the law, cannot be a judge.

Information provided in this blog came from Chee Burnsides applications, to states other than Montana.  Chee Burnsides forgets that public service means open access.

However, Chee Burnsides is in a great location for abuse by government, and covering up public information.  If Chee plays his cards right, the corrupt newspapers will continue his praise, and the uninformed electorate might just believe his editorial dysentery. UPDATE: corrupt newspaper upholds Chee Burnsides---you know you suck as a judge as a newspaper has to defend you!

Personally, violation of due process, freedom of speech, and cruel punishment is enough for me from Chee Burnsides.   Send this impostor packing.

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