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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Chee Burnsides public life Tumblin' Down

For some reason, Chee Bursides has been propped up and gone to the lowest job he could find.  First he was a Pharmacy Tech, then he was a paralegal in San Francisco, and then he got the bright idea to become a police officer; then appointed by corrupt Supreme Court Justices to join their court as a JP in Darby Montana.  Thankfully his appointment ends in 2014, and he is too newsworthy for his bad decisions to be re-appointed.

Chee Burnsides in a blank stare swearing to do what he doesnt.
like kill people on duty without cause.
like sentence people to jail without law.
like order dogs to die without giving maximum sentance to Defendant.
like claiming he is a lawyer twice to a findlaw.com

As this blog network has shown in "Chee Burnsides Perjury" Mr. Chee Burnsides decided to give false statement in a sworn affidavit in October 2004 in Williams AZ.  For some reason the accidents, financial lapses,  and driving history which would have excluded him from being a police officer only allowed him to go on and kill a member of the public named Jensen he was sworn to protect in 2006.
Read more: http://cheeburnsides.blogspot.kr/2012/04/chee-burnsides-perjury.html

Two independent co-workers have chimed in about Chee Burnsides since this blog has been started.  One said he would not trust Chee Burnsides to the life or care of an animal or human being.  The other said that he was suspended due to Chee Burnsides giving false information to his supervisor in Williams, AZ which allowed Jensen to be alone with Burnsides the night Jensen died in Burnsides custody at the City of Williams Police Department (2006).

As an appointed Judge, Chee Burnsides did not know the law, or proceedure in a Montana courtroom.  He asked the clerk to verify his actions as a Judge.  Judge Chee Burnsides acted outside of the law to find me in contempt for speaking to a Deputy (outside the courtroom) after a proceeding about a chalk festival, sponsored by Ravalli County, and I was in a courtroom for chalking "Google find my threat" on public sidewalks.  Chee Burnsides, as a person to took a life was afraid of answering to the Ravalli County Sheriff if he dismissed a case that violated my right to free speech.

Chee Burnsides did not have a clue that he acted outside the law, or smiled because he knew.  Contempt in a Justice Court in Montnaa is only when a person disturbs the court proceedings, but Chee Burnsides was "disturbed" long before I went before him.

Goons like Chee Burnsides are the reason that I proposed a NO RETARD ACT to my US Congressmen.  How many times do we need to see supposed men like Chee Burnsides abuse his power, and abuse the right to life or a human or animal in his care?
Read more: http://wethepeoplemt.blogspot.kr/2012/10/the-no-retard-act-2013.html

The no retard act would eliminate police officers like Chee Burnsides from being hired.  If the City or Jurisdiction is too stupid to see that a recruit lied in a false statement (a felony) then the IQ test would preclude, or disallow retards like Chee Burnsides from gaining public trust appointments.  Chee Burnsides as a Judge in Darby, Ravalli County Montana ordered a dog to die after being purposely let out of a pen, not by the owner and Chee Burnsides decided that he had the right over a dog's life (or Human).  Chee Burnsides was so psyched on killing something, he neglected to find out he had no power to take a dogs life in Ravalli Co. Montana.

Dogs rights in Ravalli Co. Montana neglected by Chee Burnsides:

Chee Burnsides political life is tumbling down.  People are coming out of the woodwork within 15 months of this blog being started (and another).  There has been over [now 5,100] views of the truth about Chee Burnsides.  He cannot run for office, he cannot run from is disgusting public "service".  Chee Burnsides worked for the Ravalli County Sheriff office, a place where felony spousal assault results in a demotion and re-hire (Search UnderSheriff McConnell), and tampering with evidence (RCSO Chris Albright, Deputy Hudson on 10/10/2006) dont land these "public servants" in prison, it just gets covered up in police departments, and Sheriff offices in the United States; or they just get shifted to other jurisdictions as Chee Burnsides did with worse records, and even worse internal affairs.

Since the system could not stop Chee Burnsides, this blog will.  There is nothing more than a coward who cannot look you in the face and sentence you to jail for not committing a crime, without representation, and in violation of an oath to protect the State and US constitution.

The is no worse scum.  Chee Burnsides lives and works with the best scum there is.

Chee Burnsides is no Justice of the Peace, and has no justice.  Chee Burnsides only knows abuse, and obeying the scum that protected him in Williams AZ.  Now it is his turn as a judge.

Not if the public has anything to say about it.  In Coconino Co Arizona, Williams AZ, or Ravalli Co Montana.

The show's over Chee Burnsides, your past, and your past co-workers have caught up with you.
This ones for Jensen, three .45 Cal. wasnt it that you put in his body?
How many tasers are needed for a handcuffed man?

Fear for your political future Mr. Burnsides, because it just came tumbling down.


  1. While "law enforcement" may have cleared Burnsides, the public is convicting him for the scum he is. There is no honor is killing or acting outside of law in the publics name. Chee Burnsides is no Justice of the peace, or peace officer, he is a thug.

  2. Welcome Montana and Arizona POST. Learning anything?