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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Some public information

Recently, I requested public information on Chee Burnsides.  If you dont know, he took the life of a suspect in custody in handcuffs in Williams, Arizona.  I bet you wont guess where he got his first job after that.....With Sheriff Chris Hoffman in Ravalli County Montana.

On his application, it says he fears for his family after the shooting in 2006.  If I were Chee Burnsides, I would worry more about the Karma.  To be complete and fair, Chee Burnsides was cleared of the shooting by the Coconino County Sheriff Department...of note, Chee Burnsides used a reference from that county to get a job in Los Alamos, NM.  It is my opinion that Chee Burnsides could not cut the mustard of requirements to be an ACTUAL law enforcement officer, so Chee Burnsides quit.

Chee Burnsides being sworn in at Los Alamos, NM
Burnsides later quit

The duty to safely maintain suspects in custody is called the PUBLIC DUTY DOCTORINE.  Chee Burnsides tased the suspect named Jensen and shot him 3 times with a 45 cal. pistol in 2006.

its all in the public information....something other states besides Montana is more than willing to give out.  Stay tuned for more Judge Chee Burnsides fun.  I have lots to share.

[Let me work with this PDF public information---it will be shared soon]

Chee Burnsides fraud.  He never got a bachelors degree, nor a Juris Doctor (JD) but he paid Findlaw to list him as an "honorable Judge".  People who commit perjury, fraud, and kill, and violate people's rights are not honorable.  They are Chee Burnsides:

Chee Burnsides is a rogue judge with a background problem:

Hon. Chee Burnsides - a Darby, Montana (MT) Lawyer


Chee Burnsides. Hon. Chee Burnsides ... Current Employment Position(s): Judge. Profile Last Updated: 9/20/2011. When viewing a listing, consider the state ...

The Problem is Judge Chee Burnsides: YOU ARE NOT A LAWYER, AND A TERRIBLE JUDGE!

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